April news from the garden

It’s been a busy month so far with many of the Magnolia’s and Camellia’s in full bloom, the garden is looking at its absolute best. Richard has also been busy giving garden tours to various different groups. He’s been behind the camera again with another video from the Tree Fern Pit that you can view here, and later on in the month a wonderful video of the Magnolia x veitchii ‘Peter Veitch’ beside the pond which you can view here.

Camellia 'Royalty' Camellia in Italics

Camellia ‘Royalty’









Richard was kept busy judging flower entries and taking part in the Head Gardeners forum at the Cornwall Spring Flower Show at Boconnoc at the beginning of the month. He, Lottie Allen from St Michael’s Mount and John Harris from Tresillian did a really interesting combined talk on how they found being a Head Gardener in Cornwall, ranging between weeding from an abseil rope (Lottie) to arranging 400 cut sweet peas (John) to looking for visitors lost glasses (Richard) – rather varied roles! Richard also did a specialised talk on Magnolia’s which was really fascinating, answering questions from the audience who were keen to grow their own.

Richard at Boconnoc 2016

Richard in fine form at Boconnoc











We’ve got some lovely new items for sale in the tearoom including some fabulous aprons with the famed Stargazey Pie, succulents (from our new neighbours Surreal Succulents) in glass bowls making excellent presents and delicious chocolates from local chocolate makers Chocali.

Jill in apron

The lovely new aprons for sale on display and in use!



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