Successful visit to Japan for Richard



Our Head Gardener Richard Morton has recently returned from an important trip to Kurume, Japan. Richard Morton was tasked with undertaking the trip to try and complete the internationally important collection of the Wilson 50 Kurume Azaleas held at Trewidden.  Since their introduction to Western gardens one hundred years ago, many of the Azaleas have been misnamed and some lost to cultivation. With sponsorship from the Cornwall Garden Society and the Royal Horticultural Society, Richard was able to visit Kurume to see the plants in flower in their place of origin. Valuable data for the RHS Herbarium at Wisley was also collected. Having forged important links in Kurume, it is hoped the lost plants can be re-introduced back into Western Gardens in the future.

RM in Kurume resized

L-R; Mr Takamatsu (Curator, World Azalea Centre), Richard Morton, Mr Mikio Akashi (nurseryman and host), Mr Shigeo Matsumoto (interpreter and host)












Trewidden has had plantings of these Azaleas since the 1930’s and was given National Collection status by Plant Heritage in 2016. Richard said ‘If we can get all 50 of these Azaleas verified and growing on site at Trewidden, we will be the only place outside of Japan that will have them all, which will be quite something for Trewidden and Penzance’.

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